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Pressure and Leak Testing

PCV Valve Assembly and Test Machine

Over 7 years and totalling just over £1mn, SEL have designed, manufactured and developed 5 assembly and test machines to produce an automotive engine component. From the first basic dedicated machine using a series of actuators to crimp metal and plastic parts together various upgrades and improvements have been incorporated both as retro fits to existing machines and design advancements for new units.

The latest PC controlled system features 100% traceability and data capture of assemblies produced processing 600 units per hour through sonic welding, vacuum, flow and leak testing, vision inspection and laser marking. Non conforming assemblies are segregated into one of 7 categories allowing for further investigation and reworking. By the use of interchangeable modules and 3D printed tooling up to three valve variants can be produced on a single machine with minimal changeover downtime. All setting variables are automatically configured from a selectable menu displayed on an HMI screen.

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