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Car door seal and hole drilling machine

A leading Tier 1 automotive supplier approached SEL to design and manufacture 2 machines to cut to length, drill drain holes and remove a rebated section of material for a prestige vehicle rubber door seal.

Each dedicated machine was to prepare a left and right handed pair of seals carried out with automated process sequencing all within a specified cycle time.

Light guards were used to provide full unhindered access for loading and unloading of the material with a full length support rail and markers for repeatable positioning plus sensors to inhibit operation if not correctly located.

A two axis blade cutter performed the rebating operation with twin disc cutters accurately sizing the overall length within a predetermined tolerance and the drain holes all drilled simultaneously with 21 off 30,000RPM air turbines.

Localised guarding, catch trays and extraction took care of the safety aspects and waste management of each self contained unit.

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