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Heated Syrup Mixer

Free standing heated syrup mixer

A major UK food producer approached SEL to design and manufacture a stand alone mixer for a syrup based product where information on mix criteria and temperature requirement was limited.

Based on an existing footprint for a palm oil heater modifications were made to the design to provide the required working heights and capacity, which also allowed integration of the heaters and temperature control system.

Research was carried out into mixing methods and a number of impellors were tested and developed all taking into account speed and position within the tank to provide the optimum mix without excessive frothing.

Mix proportion control was via a graduated scale, markers and sight tube with positions and levels determined through trials and testing.

Output batch control and repeatability utilised an industrial weigh scale and automatic closing process valve on reaching a pre set weight.

Full wash down capabilities were required so drive motor, electrical enclosure, cable management and weigh scale were all supplied in stainless steel with overall protection to IP65.

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