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Liquid Processing

Mixer Tank System with Platform

Our client required a bespoke solution for their sauce processing line capable of mixing and holding 1250L of viscous liquids for their production processes, whilst making the system easy to clean and adhering to hygiene standards.

We worked closely with the client and liaised with their third party suppliers to ensure all of the stringent system specifications were met.

We engineered a solution by ensuring using the following design critiria. 

  • Design simplicity for minimum pipework and other components.

  • Robustness and longevity of materials and components used.

  • Safe operation of the unit and complying with applicable standards.

  • User-friendly operation and easy-access for maintenance.

Our solution involved the use of stainless steel mixing and holding tanks each capable of holding 1250L with accurate control of fill volume and temperature. Along with quick-release pipework connected to client’s water supply and integrated valves for temperature control. One of the key elements was the diaphragm pumps which was used for efficient liquid transfer between tanks, and to handle delicate solids up to 10mm.

The project was completed on schedule within 16 weeks.

The main benefits to client using this system are:

  • Space-saving design to allow future enhancements if necessary.

  • Fully automated mixing cycle menu selected using HMI interface.

  • Flexibility to change mixing recipe for product alterations.


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