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Conveyor Transfer Application

Conveyor Transfer Application

One of UK’s largest producers of ornamental plants demanded a transfer conveyor system capable of turning and distributing an array of product trays as an addition to their current transportation line, to synchronize upstream processes whilst maintaining constant product supply.

Key requirements include:

  • Ensuring each tray hits the turner at a consistent point every time, ready for next phase of operation.

  • Suitable and stable speed of motor to allow consistent movement of trays along conveyor track and compromising between conveyor transfers.

  • Smooth handling and transfer of the trays from one conveyor to another.

One of the key requirements was to effectively transfer trays from one section to another. SEL used latest slide unit actuators with pneumatic mechanisms to carefully move tray bundles across to the next process phase, and in line within sectioned guide rails.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce transfer time with fewer occurrences of jams or misalignment of trays.

  • Increased throughput of trays per minute.

  • All-in-one conveyor system to turn and realign trays.

  • Reliable performance through precise 90 degree turn of trays.

  • Bespoke and turnkey solution designed and manufactured specially for tray dimensions, with possible upgrades and enhancements for use of other boxes, cases and trays of different sizes.

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On-site images to follow.

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